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 "Within Six weeks there was a significant improvement in all symptoms."

After Living for several years with the symptoms of Meniere's disease, inclunding Vertigo, Dizziness and Tinnitus, I read a report on some positive results being achieved for these symptoms through Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. As a result I made an initial appointment with Dr. Ryder Chung. Dr. Chung completed a comprehensive assessment. The treatment plan he suggested included both acupuncture and oral herbal medicines. Within Six weeks there was a significant improvement in all symptoms including the Vertigo which had previously resulted in several injury related falls.

 I have a great respect for Dr. Chung's professional knowledge and skill and I gratefull to him for the improvement in my health and quality of life.


B.M.A - Health First

"I no longer would wake up in the middle of the night with pain."

 I had an injury to my forearm and elbow that caused me to be in chronic pain. I had visited my doctor and received a prescription and even went through physio-therapy sessions but the pain continued to the point that it was affecting my everyday life and the activities I wanted to do. I had acupuncture in the past with a wrist injury and after treatment, never had a problem with my wrist again. I thought that I would try acupuncture again and see if it would work with my arm. I noticed an improvement within 4 treatments with Dr. Chung. I no longer would wake up in the middle of the night with pain and I could begin to do everyday activities again without my arm bothering me.

 I would recommend acupucnture treatment for anyone experiencing chronic pain. Dr. Chung was always professional and kind with my treatments. He always made me feel comfortable and genuinely cared about my well-being. I would recommend Dr. Chung and Health First Clinic to anyone wishing to pursue this type of treatment.

W.H - Health First


"My daily quality of life has dramatically improved."

 I came to see Dr. Ryder Chung about a chronic pain in my shoulder. Although I also have daily Fibromyalgia pain, I was not expecting to have relief from that dibilitating pain. After a few treatments of acupuncture, the pain in my shoulder had reduced significantly. I was very surprised to also feel a significant reduction of the Fibro pain.

 My daily quality of life has dramatically improved. I am planning to continue with my treatments with Dr. Chung.

E.D - Health First


"Nothing cleared up my Chronic Sinuses like his formula."


I've tried everythings without results until I started taking Dr. Chung's Prescribed Herbal Medicine. Nothing cleared up my Chronic Sinuses like his formula.

 I'm amazed at the results and I would enthusiastically recommend Prescribed Herbal Medicine to anyone who suffers from sinus problems. Thanks!

C.P - Health First


"I have been absolutely pain free, less dependent on a lot of medication"

I went to Dr. Chung after experiencing severe and debilitating Tendonitis & Carpal tunnel in my right arm. Pain medications were not helping and my arm was not improving despite physio, chiropractic treatments. Dr. Chung used Traditional Acupuncture Treatment and my arm has been pain free ever since, my mobility was restored. I have not experienced any problem with my arm since. Dr.Chung also treated my Migraine with the same results.

 I have been absolutely pain free, less dependent on a lot of medication and feel so much healthier & better.

S.D - Health First


"After a few weeks of treatment, I no longer experienced Hot Flashes."

After a few weeks of treatment, I no longer experienced "Hot Flashes(Menopause)!!" I thought I wold have to endure this for the rest of my life.

It is a pleasure to enjoy heat again, without the fear of a hot flash!

S.H - Health First

"My sleep has also improved greatly. Highly Recommend!!."

After suffering with Lower Back Pain & Sciatica for years, I dedicated to visit Dr. Chung at Health First. After 3 treatments numbness in my leg had been eleviated, after 5 sessions numbness & pain were gone. My sleep has also improved greatly. Highly Recommend!! 

D.M - Health First


"I have lost 46 pounds and do not suffer from painful heartburn any longer. "

I have suffered from Heartburn since 1993 and was eventually diagnosed with GERD(gastroesophageal reflux disease). My doctor prescribed a proton pump inhibitor that worked for awhile, but I found myself sometimes taking them twice a day with some but not total relief. Then the next ppi would be prescribed with the same results. 

I decided to seek out an alternative. With help from acupuncture, herbal medicine, and dietary changes suggested, I have lost 46 pounds and do not suffer from painful heartburn any longer. 

I am very grateful to Dr. Chung for changing my life. 

W.I - Health First


"I recommend it for everyone who is suffering from Shingles."

 I had an absess tooth on July 24th, by Monday the 28th it turned into Shingles. My husband took me to the hospital on the 29th, 30th,31th, Aug 1st for intervenus. On Wed Aug 13th we were driving in Strathmore and my husband saw the sign for Health First, Acupuncture, so he took me there, made an appointment for Aug 14th. Dr. Chung told us it could take 4 or 5 times to help. I went again on the 18th and 20th. It was after the 3rd time on Wed, after treatment I had relief from my pounding, throbbing ear & ringing finally stopped. I had another appointment on the 22nd. I recommend it for everyone who is suffering from Shingles. It works!!! 

D.F - Health First


"After my first treatment, I had significant improvement."

 I came to Dr. Chung with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I was told surgery was my only option. After my first treatment, I had significant improvement. My hands no longer feel numb and my grip strength continues to improve.

M.W - Health First


"I have nothing but praise for Dr. Chung for getting my shoulder back in shape"

 For the past 2 years I have been experiencing a great deal of pain and loss of mobility in my left shoulder from a combination of tendonitis and bursitis that was diagnosed by x-ray. I had tried the options available to me from my Doctor with some relief but no improvement; in fact things were getting worse. I farm and ranch and total rest is not an option and I was getting to the point where just putting on a shirt was extremely difficult. 


I had heard about Dr. Chung and decided to give him a try, after our consultation he was very sure he could help but I had my reservations. We started with weekly sessions and it did take a couple of sessions before anything happened but Dr. Chung now has me completely turned around where I now have a 90% improvement to my mobility and no pain. I must point out that all during this treatment it was work as usual at home and during the busy seeding session quite a lot of wear and tear on my shoulder.

I have nothing but praise for Dr. Chung for getting my shoulder back in shape since I had almost given up hope on the conventional treatments that had been made available to me. 

D.V - Health First


"After only one treatment, I had 90% of improvement."

 I was for a long time suffering of pains on my lower back(Pelvic Area). Over time, a few months later, this pain extended down to my legs and made my daily work very difficult. I did not see any physician for it. I tried other alternative medicine without success.


 I finally went to Dr. Ryder Chung for his TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine). After only one treatment, I had 90% of improvement. The following treatment got me completely out of it, turning this pain into a bad souvenir. I admit, at first, just thinking of acupuncture, needles has been a bit scary but I can tell the pain is minimal.

 Considering the result, I am very enthousiastic and I highly recommend Dr. Ryder Chung and his Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment.


 PS. I have not been paid to write the above

G. L - Health First


"After four weeks I was happy to announce to Dr. Chung and I was pregnant! "

I went to Dr. Chung to help with fertility in order to conceive our first child. My husband and I had been trying for some time and thought we would try natural medicine before being put on any other medications.

I was very nervous at first because I had never had acupuncture and was not sure if it would work. Dr. Chung was very informative and upon our initial consultation made me feel both comfortable and confident in the process. Dr. Chung gave me a lot of advice and told me that it may take two cycles for the result that I was hoping for. After four weeks I was happy to announce to Dr. Chung and I was pregnant! I have so much confidence and respect for Dr. Chung I would recommend him to anyone thinking about acupuncture.

 L. R - Health First


"I No Longer Limp."

I was diagnosed with Planter Facitis on my right foot by a Chiropractor and took treatments from him for 4 months meanwhile limping on the foot because of the pain in my heel. With no major improvement, I then asked my Chiropractor if I should try Acupuncture and he said I should.


I then went to see Dr. Ryder Chung and upon examination he said that it would take 10 – 11 treatments before I would see a change. After the 11th treatment I stopped limping. Took one more treatment from him and have never limped since then. That is over 3 years.


I would highly recommend Dr. Ryder Chung for treatment of Planter Facitis

 O. F - Health First


"There is little or no pain."

I have problem with Arthritis in my knee, walking, playing Golf etc. caused me pain and aggravation. Since seeing Dr. Chung for acupuncture procedures. (I have had about 8 treatments), I have got to the point that there is little or no pain.


The atmosphere at "Health First" is very relaxing and Dr. Chung is an excellent professional.

 L. B - Health First


" I am happy to say that the majority of my pain is gone."

Wow, what more can I say about this facility and Dr.Chung.  After having chronic backpain for 95% of the last 2 years I seeked out the help of Dr.Chung and he did not disappoint.  I’ve been through 6 treatments with him so far and I am happy to say that the majority of my pain is gone and I feel healthier as a result. 


He opened my eyes to Chinese medicine and true acupuncture practices and he has a patient for life because of it.  Thank you Dr.Chung!


 N. B - Health First


" Work colleagues of mine were amazed with how quickly I was healing."

I woke up one Saturday morning mid October thinking that I had a stroke. Half my face was numb and drooping. I could feel tremendous pressure in my face, my ear was whistling non-stop and headaches that came on strong frequently throughout the day. It was Bells Palsy. A virus that attacks the nerves in the face.

My first time ever attempting acupuncture but now was a good time to try. I visited Dr. Ryder Chung right here in Strathmore on day four of having been diagnosed with Bells Palsy . The results have been amazing. Work colleagues of mine that were familiar with Bells Palsy in their family were amazed with how quickly I was healing. I just finished my seventh treatment of acupuncture with Dr. Chung and two weeks of herbal Chinese medicine. I look like myself again. I already noticed drastic improvement after my third and fourth treatment including, less facial pressure, some movement in my face and headaches becoming less intense. Now having completed my seventh treatment I credit my accelerated healing to the work and recommendations of Dr. Ryder Chung. Dr. Chung is very knowledgeable, experienced, and has made this whole process very comfortable.
I have learned that the more quickly you visit your acupuncturist with your condition, the more likely you are to have a fuller recovery with less treatments. I highly recommend that you visit Dr. Chung for more information on the many conditions that he has treatment for. The process has been more comfortable than I was expecting and certainly an affordable solution to what could have been a lifetime issue.


 C. L - Health First


"I realize the hot flashes were gone and not once did I experience night sweats."

On May 1st 2018 I had a consultation appointment with Dr.Chung to discuss what if anything could be done for menopausal hot flashes and night sweats I was experiencing. I was suffering hot flashes every hour on the hour and waking up drenched during the night due to night sweats, needless to say I was not getting much sleep. Dr. Chung suggested acupuncture with herbal powder drink and herbal tablets which I took 3 times a day. After 3 weeks the hot flashes were not as intense and the night sweat episodes were less frequent. I saw him once a week for 8 weeks for acupuncture. During the ninth week I realize the hot flashes were gone and not once did I experience night sweats. I am in week eleven now and continue to be menopause symptom free, I continue with the herbal powder drink and tablets though now only once a day, I sleep better and have more energy. I truly appreciate the professionalism and customized treatment Dr.Chung provides, thank you sir.


 K. C - Health First


"I can walk around free of pain!"

 After 6 months in a walking cast and constant pain in my foot various doctors couldn’t explain decided to try acupuncture. Dr Ryder Chung is very knowledgeable and friendly, highly recommend. After only a couple months I can walk around free of pain!

 Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with him. Very natural alternate to having a doctor prescribe medication that doesn’t solve the problem just masks it.


 N. B - Health First


"My eyes got down for the first time in ten years with a pressure of 18 & 19 which has never been seen before"

 I have been diagnosed of Glaucoma since 2010. My eye pressure has been stable at 20 & 21 since then, even with medical treatment once a day. After the treatment of herbs and acupuncture, with Dr. Ryder Chung, ,my eyes got down for the first time in ten years with a pressure of 18 & 19 which has never been seen before. 


 N. L - Health First

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