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Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy is a non-surgical, non-invasive alternative for patients covering a large variety of health problems. It is a newer technology that is effective for rehabilitating chronic pain.




                                                    What is Shockwave Therapy?


                                                                                   Shockwave Therapy delivers high pressure waves of energy                                                                                         into soft-tissue that is injured, inflamed, or scarred. The                                                                                               treatment increases blood flow to the affected area, breaks                                                                                         apart scar tissue and other adhesions, improves the healing                                                                                       response of the body, and reduces pain. The treatment is                                                                                           non-invasive and only causes mild discomfort in patients.

What conditions can shockwave treat?

  • Plantar Fascia (Heel pain)

  • Tendon injuries

  • Achilles tendonitis

  • Shoulder (Frozen, Calcific, Rotator Cuff)

  • Runner’s Knee

  • Tennis elbow

  • IT Band

  • Hip pain/Sciatica

  • Hamstring

  • Shin Splints

  • Bursitis

  • Osgood Schlatters

  • Scar Tissue in muscle, tendon, fascia

  • Ligament sprains (ankle, knee, MCL, LCL)

  • Back pain - lumbar region and chronic muscular pain  

What are the benefits?


  • Shockwave therapy has excellent cost/effectiveness ratio

  • Non-invasive solution for chronic pain in your shoulder, back, heel, knee or elbow

  • No anesthesia required, no drugs

  • Limited side effects

  • Main fields of application: orthopedics, rehabilitation, and sport medicine

  • New research shows that it can have a positive effect on acute pain

Is the Shockwave Therapy treatment itself painful?

Sometimes the treatment is a bit painful, but most people can stand these few intense minutes without medication. If you are in pain during the treatment please notify your medical practitioner as there are some adjustments that can be made to reduce the discomfort, however, having some pain during the treatment illustrates that shockwaves are having a positive effect.

How many treatments will I need?

Most conditions require FOUR treatments at one-week intervals. However, more chronic or complicated conditions may require up to SIX treatments. Most patients experience significant improvement while undergoing the first four treatments, and improvements often continue for several weeks. In some cases, improvements can be seen up to three to four months following therapy.

Dr. Chung may use Shockwave treatment with Myofascial release massage, Acupuncture and/or Rehab when necessary.

After the treatment, you will most likely be feeling no pain or experience temporary soreness, tenderness or swelling for a few days following the procedure, as the shockwaves stimulate an inflammatory response. But this is the body healing itself naturally. So, it’s important not to take any anti-inflammatory medication after treatment, which may slow down the results.

Contra-Indications for Shock Wave Therapy

  • Pre-ruptured tendons (greater than 50% tear of myotendinous junction)

  • During pregnancy

  • Cancer or diabetes

  • Heart or circulatory problems

  • If you have hemophilia or any blood-clotting disorder (including local thrombosis)

  • If patient is being treated with oral anticoagulants (blood thinning medications), such as Heparin or Coumadin

  • Treatment of tissue with local tumors or local bacterial and/or viral infections

       If a patient has been treated with cortisone injections within the last six (6) weeks

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