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Women's health - Painful Period

I'd like to talk about Women's health who get painful periods every months.

Because gynecology was always one of my best interest and specialty, I have been treating lots of women's health issue for over 15 years in clinical practice.

My wife Olivia also used to have severe painful period since teenager but not anymore after seeing me.

I would like to say that normal period are not necessary to be heavy pain and no need to tough it out every time. Also there are always alternative way than birth control pills or hysterectomy.

I've seen lots of successes in a large number of heavy menses cases with my clinical practice in Korea, China and Canada and 9 out of 10 patients got better with heavy menses naturally for all the age of groups.

Heavy painful periods happen due to a various of individual emotional and physical causes in the body, and it is worth to try to find the underlying causes and treat the root.

I wish every girl and woman knows that there's always natural way to have better healthy period without pain.

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